Does The OFF! Clip-On Really Work?

OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent
The OFF! Clip-On mosquito repellent claims to keep mosquitos away without the need to apply bug spray directly to one’s skin. I’ve always been curious as to whether or not the OFF! Clip-On works ever since I had first seen the commercials. My curiosity had finally gotten the best of me so I decided to purchase an OFF! Clip-On, test it out, and write up a product review.

If you’re reading this article then I am assuming that you’ve probably already seen commercials for the OFF! Clip-On mosquito repellent and asked yourself “does this thing actually work?” Americans are bombarded each year with commercials for miracle products and at first glance the OFF! Clip-On does appear to be just that, another one of those miracle products. I am pleased to say however that yes, the OFF! Clip-On actually does work!

I picked up an OFF! Clip-On at my local Walmart just to give it a shot. You can find them cheaper online at Amazon, but I believe that mine only cost me about $8.00 or so. The problem with traditional mosquito repellent is that they stink, and that they wash off as you sweat. The OFF! Clip-On comes with 1 mosquito repellent refill and 2 AAA batteries. Installing the refill was a piece of cake and the OFF! Clip-On is activated via a simple On / Off switch.

I admittedly do not have a scientific test lab at my disposal so I opted to go down to one of my favorite (and buggiest) fishing spots in order to put the OFF! Clip-On through its paces. Turning on the unit activates a fan which disperses an odorless mosquito repellent. A single refill lasts 12 hours or 2 weeks after opening, whichever comes first. To my surprise the OFF! Clip-On actually did repel mosquitos when it was activated! I turned off the unit, and within minutes mosquitos were swarming around me. I turned the OFF! Clip-On back on and within a minute or so those pesky mosquitos went away. Another cool feature of the OFF! Clip-On is that you don’t actually have to wear it as you can keep it close to you and it will still work to repel mosquitos.

The only downside to the OFF! Clip-On is that the refills are somewhat expensive. You can save yourself a little bit of money by ordering these from Amazon however. All in all I am very pleased with this product and feel very comfortable recommending the OFF! Clip-On as a solid alternative to traditional mosquito repellent.

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