Does The Color Of Clothing Affect Your Fishing Success?

When fishing from the shore the color of your clothing can in fact affect your fishing success. Trout for example, can see colors very well up to 12 feet away. The color white, as well as fluorescent colors such as red, yellow, and orange are highly visible to trout. It is therefore possible that brightly colored clothing could negatively impact your fishing success, especially if you’re fishing for trout in clearwater shallow brooks and streams. It is therefore recommended that fisherman wear earth tone or camouflage clothing that allows the angler to blend in with their surroundings.

Experts have also weighed in with their opinions as to wether or not clothing color has any impact or not on bass fishing. The general consensus is that if you are fishing for bass or other gamefish from shore then you should try to wear earth tone or camouflage colors. This may not matter as much if you are fishing in murky water, but it certainly holds true when you are fishing in clear water.

Although the color of a fisherman’s clothing may factor in on the lower end of the scale when attempting to successfully catch fish, every little bit helps. Try wearing earth tone or camouflage clothing the next time you go out fishing and let us know if you noticed a difference.

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