Does The Color Of Clothing Affect Your Fishing Success?

When fishing from the shore the color of your clothing can in fact affect your fishing success. Trout for example, can see colors very well up to 12 feet away. The color white, as well as fluorescent colors such as red, yellow, and orange are highly visible to trout. It is therefore possible that brightly colored clothing could negatively impact your fishing success, especially if you’re fishing for trout in clearwater shallow brooks and streams. It is therefore recommended that fisherman wear earth tone or camouflage clothing that allows the angler to blend in with their surroundings. Continue reading Does The Color Of Clothing Affect Your Fishing Success?

Does The OFF! Clip-On Really Work?

OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent
The OFF! Clip-On mosquito repellent claims to keep mosquitos away without the need to apply bug spray directly to one’s skin. I’ve always been curious as to whether or not the OFF! Clip-On works ever since I had first seen the commercials. My curiosity had finally gotten the best of me so I decided to purchase an OFF! Clip-On, test it out, and write up a product review. Continue reading Does The OFF! Clip-On Really Work?

Zebra Mussels In The Berkshires

Zebra mussels which get their name from the striped patterns on their shell are a small freshwater mollusk that are rapidly invading America’s lakes and rivers. Originating from Russia, Zebra mussels were first discovered in the great lakes in 1988 and have been spreading throughout waterbodies in the United States since then. Zebra mussels eventually made their way into New England and in July of 2009 The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) had confirmed the presence of zebra mussels in Laurel Lake which is located in Lee, MA in Berkshire County. Continue reading Zebra Mussels In The Berkshires

October Mountain Whitney Estate

October Mountain State Forest originated from land purchased by William C. Whitney who was Secretary of the Navy under President Grover Cleveland. William C. Whitney began purchasing his property on October Mountain in 1894. Whitney purchased small farms and other parcels of land and would ultimately amass approximately 14,000 acres. It was on this property where Whitney constructed a “cottage” called The Antlers. Continue reading October Mountain Whitney Estate

Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

I was recently asked; “If I were in a life and death situation where I had to catch fish to eat in order to survive, which fishing lures would I want to have with me in order to ensure my survival?” My immediate answer was “all of the lures in my tackle box.” The question was then rephrased in such a way where I was asked to name the top 10 best fishing lures that I would want to have with me in a life and death survival situation. Keep in mind that I do most of my fishing in the Berkshires as well as in Simsbury, Granby, and Farmington, Connectecut, so I’ve only had the chance to test these fishing lures in my own region. If your experiences vary based on your geographic location please be sure to share your comments with me. Continue reading Top 10 Best Fishing Lures