Trout Fishing In Roaring Brook

Located on October Mountain State Forest, Roaring Brook is a fantastic location for catching native rainbow and brook trout. Our last trout fishing expedition at Roaring Brook was a successful one and we’re going to share the tips and techniques with you what we used to catch trout in Roaring Brook.

Roaring Brook begins at Clapp Pond in Washington MA, and flows down the Eastern side of October Mountain all the way into Lenox, MA. We parked our vehicle just after the bridge on Roaring Brook Road and hiked up Roaring Brook Trail to Tory Cave. As an aside, Tory Cave obtained its name due to the fact that Gideon Smith, a British loyalist (referred to as Tories) lived in the cave for several weeks during the Revolutionary War. Tory Cave is no longer accessible, but that’s OK because we were more interested in the trout pool and waterfall that exist directly across from the cave entrance. Be aware that the descent to the pool by the cave entrance may be a little slippery so be careful and always go with a partner.

The waterfall and trout pool located near the entrance of Tory Cave in Lenox, MA.

I brought my 5 foot ultralight rod and reel combo along with 2 dozen trout worms that I purchased from Avid Sports in Pittsfield, MA. Roaring Brook’s current was moving along at a fairly fast pace so it was essential to use a small split shot sinker which I attached approximately 12 inches above the hook. I didn’t hook the trout worms in any particular way, and speaking of hooks, I wish that I had brought barbless hooks as a couple of the trout that I caught had swallowed the hook forcing me to cut the line.

I cast my line towards the waterfall and let the current do the rest of the work. I noticed that the trout were striking anywhere between 7 – 10 feet below the surface of the water. I caught mostly brook trout, with the exception of one or two rainbow trout measuring between 6 – 10 inches each. The ultralight rod and reel combo was an absolute necessity as it allowed me to really feel every strike. I also had some success using a 1/8th oz chartreuse Rooster Tail, but generally speaking, it was the trout worms that worked the best for my friends and myself.

If you’re looking for a great place to catch native brook trout then you need look no further than Roaring Brook in Lenox, MA. As always, please remember to carry out what you carried in and be sure to observe the daily creel limits as we want to be sure that future anglers will be able to enjoy the same natural resources that we have been blessed with.

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