Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

I was recently asked; “If I were in a life and death situation where I had to catch fish to eat in order to survive, which fishing lures would I want to have with me in order to ensure my survival?” My immediate answer was “all of the lures in my tackle box.” The question was then rephrased in such a way where I was asked to name the top 10 best fishing lures that I would want to have with me in a life and death survival situation. Keep in mind that I do most of my fishing in the Berkshires as well as in Simsbury, Granby, and Farmington, Connectecut, so I’ve only had the chance to test these fishing lures in my own region. If your experiences vary based on your geographic location please be sure to share your comments with me.

Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

10. Heddon Torpedo – The Heddon Torpedo is one of my favorite top water lures that I have used to catch Bass that are feeding near the water’s surface. The propeller creates the illusion of bait that is in distress which will attract fish to your bait.

9. Strike King Rage Tail – I have had a tremendous amount of success fishing with Rage Tail lizards and I can’t recommend them enough for catching lunker bass and even the occasional pike or pickerel.

8. Strike King Swim Jig – This jig works well for catching bass in just about any cover. I’ve fished this lure with and without a trailer and I must say that both configurations had worked well.

7. Yum Money Craw – This is one of my best producing bass lures in my collection. It can be fished standalone or in combination with the Strike King VanDam Swim Jig used as a trailer.

6. Rapala – I have had plenty of luck catching bass, pickerel, pike, and even brown trout using the original gold Rapala. Don’t leave home without this versatile lure.

5. Rebel Wee Frog – The Rebel Wee Frog has worked time and time again getting reluctant or sluggish bass to strike. I’ve also caught pickerel, pike, perch, and different varieties of panfish using this particular lure.

4. Phoebe – The Phoebe faithfully reproduces the action associated with minnows and other bait fish and has therefore worked very well for me when catching trout, salmon, bass, pickerel, pike, as well as the occasional larger panfish.

3. Thomas Buoyant – This fantastic spoon lure has worked well for me when it comes to catching larger, more aggressive trout. I have also caught pickerel and pike using the Thomas Buoyant.

2. Daredevil – The Daredevil is my favorite spoon lure for catching trout. Of note, this lure has worked well for me in both lakes and streams.

1. Rooster Tail – Worden’s Rooster Tail is my number one favorite fishing lure. There isn’t a single type of Northeastern gamefish that I haven’t caught on a Rooster Tail. I have used the Rooster Tail in streams and brooks to catch both native and stocked trout in fast and slow currents. I’ve then picked up my gear, headed to one of my favorite bass ponds, and then caught monster bass on the VERY same lure! Absolutely, positively, do not leave for a day of fishing without this lure!

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