Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Bass metabolism is at its peak during the summer months when water temperatures reach between 80 and 90 degrees. Bass therefore feed most frequently in the summer which makes summertime ideal for bass fishing. These summer bass fishing tips will help you successfully catch bass all summer long.

Bass Habitat In Summer Months


Bass will seek cover in lilly pads and weed beds as well as near submerged timber, underwater rock piles, underneath docks, and anywhere else where bass can wait and ambush their prey. Bass will move in and out of these coverage areas throughout the day which we discuss in further detail later in this post.

Rod And Reel To Use For Catching Bass

Bass vary in size based upon geographic location. For example, northern largemouth bass don’t often exceed 10 pounds, while southern largemouth bass can grow to reach weights in excess of 20 pounds. As such, you’ll want to select a rod and reel combo between 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet in length depending on the maximum weight of the bass that you could potentially catch. Use 6 – 12 pound monofilament, again, you’ll want to make your decision based upon the maximum weight of the bass that you are fishing for. You can use either a spin casting reel or a baitcasting reel depending on your personal preference. Professional bass fisherman tend to use baitcasting reels as they allow for greater accuracy when it comes to lure placement.

Bass Fishing On Summer Mornings

On summer mornings, bass tend to lie suspended in the water facing upstream. Use crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and even Rooster Tails to catch bass on summer mornings. When using a crankbait in the morning, professional bass fishermen will often advise to select a model with a tighter wobble pattern. Bass will also strike near the surface in the morning so don’t rule out using a topwater lure such as the Heddon Teeny Torpedo.

Bass Fishing On Summer Afternoons

As summer afternoon temperatures rise and reach their peak bass will head for cover. Be on the lookout for weed beds and other vegetation as well as rock ledges and submerged timber as these are prime bass habitat. Bass prefer to take cover in vegetated areas in particular because there are plenty of forage fish for bass to prey on and because plants provide a higher concentration of oxygen which bass and other organisms need to survive.

Use topwater lures, shallow running crankbaits, and soft plastic lures to catch bass during summer afternoons. I have had the best luck catching bass on summer afternoons using the Heddon Teeny Torpedo, Rebel Wee Frog, and Rapalas. I will typically take one of these lures and fish over a weed bed in an attempt to draw the bass out of cover. With the right presentation, bass will rush to the surface and strike your lure. I will also use a soft plastic bait such as a Yum Money Craw or Strike King Rage Tail lizard and fish down into weed beds and lilly pads using a Texas rig.

Bass Fishing On Summer Nights

I typically catch the most bass at night when fishing near weed beds, lilly pads, and submerged timber. Bass will emerge from cover as the sun begins to set, so fishing just outside of coverage is your best bet. As surprising as it sounds, you actually want to use dark colored lures when fishing for bass at night. The reason being is that a dark colored lure will have a more prounced silhouette in contrast to the setting sun or moon light if you are fishing for bass after dark.

If you’re fishing for bass at night in clear water than you can use any dark colored topwater lure. I’m a huge fan of the Heddon Teeny Torpedo, but your preferences may vary. If you’re fishing for bass at night in murky water then you should use a soft plastic bait such as a Yum Money Craw or Strike King Rage Tail Lizard. Spinnerbaits can also be used when fishing for bass at night.

As always, every fisherman has his or her own techniques for successfully catching fish. Please comment below if you have any summer bass fishing tips that you would like to share.

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