Fishing The Farmington River In Otis Massachusetts


The West Branch of the Farmington River begins in Becket Massachusetts and flows southeasterly through the center of Otis along Route 8. The West Branch of the Farmington River joins the East Branch of the Farmington River in New Hartford, Connecticut and ultimately flows into the Connecticut River in Windsor, Connecticut.

Species Of Fish Found In The Farmington River

The Otis section of the Farmington river is stocked each year with trout. You will also find native trout, carp, small mouth bass, and perhaps the occasional salmon in this part of the river. I have also fished parts of the Farmington river in Connecticut where I have caught largemouth bass and pickerel in addition to stocked trout.

Parking Spots Near The Farmington River In Otis

There is an open field with ample parking alongside the river directly across from the entrance to the Mountain View Campground in Otis, MA. Look carefully for a sign that says “Fishing Access” and enter there.


Catching Trout In The Farmington River

You’ll want to use your light action fishing combo so that you’ll be able to detect the quick strikes from the stocked trout and the smaller native trout. As of this writing (mid May 2015) the Otis section of the Farmington River is quite shallow. You will therefore want to use a lightweight lure such as a 1/8th oz or even a 1/16th oz Rooster Tail. A smaller Panther Martin would also work as well. In previous years I’ve used a 1/6th oz gold or copper colored Thomas Buoyant to catch trout in the Farmington River as the water is typically quite a bit deeper.  If you are fishing with worms you won’t need to (and shouldn’t) use a sinker as again, as of this writing the water level is quite low. If you are fishing with worms, you’ll want to slowly work your way up and down the river and cast your bait towards the pools. Let the river carry the bait downstream, reel your line in, and try again. Be sure to walk slowly and softly along the river bank as trout can spook quite easily.



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